Alterhuman / Alternative Humanity Personal Identity (“AHPI”) is "A category of personal identity which encompasses identification that is alternative to the common societal idea of humanity." [1]

You are alterhuman if you decide to call yourself alterhuman.
You may decide to call yourself alterhuman if you experience an internal identity that is beyond the scope of what is traditionally considered ‘being human’. [2]
"Some ways of being alterhuman include:

  • Therian, phytanthrope, otherkin, and fictionkin identities
  • Multiple, plural, median, and walk-in identities
  • Spiritual self-identities which may still include degrees of humanity such as angelics, celestials, starseeds, god shards, reincarnated gods, vampires, etc.
  • Identities involving shared self-identification with nonhuman or other alternative human entities/concepts such as animal-hearted, godspouse, soulbond, and spiritual medium identities.
  • Identities of alternative humanity through disassociation, trauma response, or non-neurotypical mental status." [1]

"Some ways of being both alterhuman and human include:

  • Transhuman, posthuman, or otherwise h+.
  • Human fictionkin, fictives and fableings.
  • Other human system members.
  • Any identity where you still consider humanity important to you.
  • Daemians.
  • Otherhearted people.
  • Soulbonders.
  • Channelers and spirit mediums.
  • Walk-in spirits and starseed." [3]

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