This page will cover common misconceptions about Modern Therianthropy.

  • Therianthropy is not related to gender or neo-pronouns.
  • Therianthropy is not simply liking an animal. See animal-hearted.
  • Therianthropy is not Shamanism or the same as having contact with a spirit guide/totem.
  • Therianthropy is not a structured religious belief, ideology, or cult. Therianthropy as a subculture and identity phenomenon does not have any central dogma or tenets, nor any recognized authority.
  • Therianthropy is not a fad, trend, or style. It is agreed upon that Therianthropy is not consciously chosen.
  • Therianthropy is not role-playing.
  • Therianthropy is not a mental illness.
  • Therianthropes can not physically shapeshift. That is not possible. Therians understand that they are physically human.
  • Therianthropy does not imply a sexual fixation with a non-human animal; that is unrelated.
  • Therianthropy is not a sexual kink, fetish or BDSM. It is not Pet Play or related to Age Regression.
  • Therianthropy does not give anyone special abilities, powers, or extra physical strength.
  • Therianthropy is not a coping mechanism. See Copinglink.
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