Copinglink, or C'Linker, is a person who knowingly creates a non-human persona as a coping mechanism. This term was coined by Who-Is-Page around September 2015 on Tumblr.

Also see Otherlink

I came up with the term around 6 months ago. It was/is meant to replace “copingkin” (as in, people who knowingly created coping mechanisms identifying with/as something, so I suppose there’s your definition) as “copingkin” implies some form of otherkin, which…it isn’t. The coping part is meant to signify the coping mechanism, obviously, and the “link” part is just meant to show an association and connection between the person and whatever their created mechanism ties them to. [1]

A person who was a Copinglink could also be a Therian or Otherkin at the same time as long as the theriotype or kintype was an unconscious identity that was not chosen. A person could also be Other-hearted while being a Copinglink.

Official Definition

Copinglink, n. (Tumblr comm.; Coined by Who-is-Page/Stormygio) [E. copingreferencing to the early use of “copingkin” + E. link create or imply a connection between. Pl. Copinglinks.]

  1. A non-human identity (or in some cases, relation) which is consciously created. The creator is able to change and pick who/what they identify as/with as need dictates. This identity can be created by anyone, and thus, is not dictated by one’s mental health.
  2. A consciously created coping mechanism which centers around knowingly, willingly, and actively identifying as (or in some cases, with) the user’s choice of a non-human entity.
  3. (2017) A (fictitious) human identity which is taken on as consciously created coping mechanism.

Syn. Coping-link, C-link Also see: C’linker, Linktype (?) [2]

More About Who-Is-Page

Who-Is-Page is a Therian/Otherkin who identifies as a canine psychopomp [3] Despite having been in the community only since 2014, Who-Is-Page is recognized as a knowledgeable individual who gained a large following on Tumblr, and was known for his debating skills and giving the anti-otherkin and trolls a piece of their own medicine.