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The Furry Fandom is a subculture which, since its initial consolidation in the 1980s as a distinct fandom, celebrates the depiction and utilization of anthropomorphic characters in human-produced media. The fandom is manifested in a number of pursuits, most notably a growing number of furry conventions and fursuiters.

Therianthropy and Furries

The fandom draws a few similarities and overlaps to the therian community (with a number of self-identified therians and otherkin participating in cultural pursuits which attract and interact with a large number of self-identified furries), but is distinguished from the therian community in its primary focus upon media aesthetics as opposed to the therian community's focus upon spiritual and psychological identification or connection with real (extant or extinct) species.

A growing point of consternation between therians and furries is on the correct definition of therianthropy, which is often perceivably misinterpreted by furries in a number of ways. Another point of debate between therians and furries is over the misconception that furries have a focus on sex, which is often derived from a large body of pornographic depictions of anthropomorphic characters by self-idenitifed furries.

However, the furry fandom can be considered as being part of a spectrum of intensity in human psychological identification with or cultural celebration of non-human species, with otherkin and therianthropes occupying one side adjacent to the furry fandom and funny animal artists on the opposite, less intense side.

Another similarity between therians and furries is the common usage of the term mate to describe someone they are in a relationship with.

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