Greymuzzle (rarely spelled graymuzzle) is a term for someone who has been involved in the therian community since AHWW days, has been involved in the community for 10 year, is 30 plus years of age, or has garnered widespread respect in the community and is seen as an "elder". It is important to note that the Therian community has no leaders, only people who are more respected. Unfortunately the term has been abused, so don't blindly trust others who label themselves a Greymuzzle. Some examples of Greymuzzles are Wolf VanZandt and Coyote Osborne.

Greymuzzle was first used on AHWW. They are the 'backbones' of the community who had been in the group the longest." [1]

“graymuzzle, n. (therian comm. only) [A remark by AHWW participant Windrunner in the AHWW Combined FAQ from 1997 or 1996 seems to suggest that AHWW participant Smash Graywolf coined or perpetuated this term in alt.horror.werewolves. 96 E. gray + muzzle, suggesting the graying snout of an older wolf.] An old regular. Any therianthrope who has actively participated in the therianthrope community for several consecutive years, especially if present on alt.horror.werewolves in 1995.” [2]

Recommended Reading

"Greymuzzles? Where are They?" Swiftpaw. 2004. Internet Archive Accessed May 19, 2017


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