Hi there! Welcome to Therian.wikia!  Assembled here is a quick list of things you can do to help out the wiki and help us constantly expand and improve. Thank you for your interest in helping the community by adding information and history.

Starting New Articles

We can never have enough articles! If you have anything that you think merits an article, please add it!

Good examples of making new articles are:

  • Adding Therian-community websites
  • Adding Therianthropy related concepts
  • Adding pages for well-known members of the community who have contributed significantly.

Please always search for the topic or person first to reduce duplicate pages.

Make sure to add some categories by putting the [[Category:]] tag in there, and consider putting the {{stub}} tag on there if it's particularly short.

Expanding Stub Articles

Some articles on the wiki are alot shorter than they should be and have been given the {{stub}} tag. If you feel like expanding upon the content with relevant info, please do!

To see a list of tagged articles, go to Category:stub

Wikifying Messy Articles

Some articles have been written out, but are sloppy and do not meet the standards of an easy-to-read wiki article. It would be helpful if people cleaned them up by adding some wiki-markup, fixing spelling/grammar errors, moving things around for better organization, and adding relevant links and references.

To see a list of tagged articles, go to Category:wikify

Editing in general

No article is ever complete, and information can always be clarified or expanded, so feel free to make any sort of minor edit to any article, as long as you feel it is making a meaningful contribution to the Wiki.

Report to Wolf Daughter

If you see anyone Spamming or Vandalizing, or need anything else, please leave Wolf Daughter a message and she will check on it as soon as possible. You can also find a link to Wolf Daughter's profile in her signature.

Wolf Daughter (talk) 02:19, August 1, 2017 (UTC)


Here's some more info on stuff that didn't have a good spot up there...

Wikimarkup Guide

If you aren't familiar with WikiMarkup, here's a nice guide to get you started: w:c:kitsch:Help:Wiki_markup. I wrote it a while back for the "Kitsch and Other Oddities" wiki.

There's also a good one on, which uses the same base MediaWiki software as Wikia.