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Mental Shifting Mental Shifting takes place when a person's mind reverts to their animal form. He or she begins to feel like the animal and react like the animal. (Yipping, Whining, And Howling). The senses are often heightened with this Shift as well as many others. 

*Credit given to the Therian-Guide


There are many ways that Mental shifting occurs, and it can be voluntary or even involuntary.  These are just a few ways out of the many.  Every person is different.

1. Voluntarily:

One may meditate, and "trick" the mind into believing they are their animal.  This can be practiced as well, to achieve a well-done M-shift flare.  You may be able to tell when this occurs.  Voluntarily shifting involves changing your feeling into an animal-like state of mind and attitude.

2. Involuntarily:

This may occur when one is in a certain state of mind, such as extreme anger, happiness/joy, or other intense feelings.  For example, you may be enraged at someone, and your theriotype will "take over."  You will begin to have the state of mind of your theriotype, and react as they would.  In some cases, it is said blackouts could occur.

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