A Howl is a planned gathering of Therians in real life. Most howls are held outdoors in the form of campouts, however any gathering of therians could be considered a howl by it's host or participants. [1] They can have any number of people from a small group of 3 or 4 to almost a hundred people, both Therians and nontherians. Typically, only those above the age of 18 or those with parental permission is allowed to attend howls, because that is the age of advocacy and prevents liability. However, many believe that therians under that age deserve to attend such gatherings, so some howls do allow those under the age.

Notable Howls

Harvest Howl - November 1994

"The first "Howl", the 1994 Harvest Howl, was organized by Smash Greywolf in Ohio. A Howl is basically a gathering in the flesh (or fur) of readers of AHWW to socialize, get to know one another, howl at the moon, leap over raging bonfires, and to generally share the camraderie that exists amongst members of the cyberpack. Camped out in the woods, as far from civilization as possible, watching the full moon dance over shimmering heat waves from the bonfire, surrounded by folks of a like mind... it's truly a recharge for batteries drained my mundane human existence." [2] [3] [4]

Smash Greywolf 1st Harvest Howl

" The first howl was in November of 1994.  It was held at Valley Lake Campground in Ohio. The site was chosen because I had a special tie to that land and the actual site of the campfire was a spot I picked because of a vision I had while in a deep meditation...The picture was taken from a video, I believe by KatmanDu while we cavorted around the campfire in the moonlight." [5]

Spring Thaw Howl - April 1995

Members of Alt.horror.werewovles hosted their second howl on the Easter weekend of April 1995. [6]

2nd Harvest Howl - November 1995

Old photos from this howl are still available for viewing.

2nd Spring Thaw Howl - March 29, 30, 31 and April 1 1996 [7]

List of Howls from a German site This site is also a translation of the old AHWW FAQ.

Europe Howls

The first European Howl, organized by some members of AHWW, took place in 1996. [8] [9]

"So far, three gatherings under the title of "EuroHowl" have been organised, in 1996, 1997 and 1999 respectively." [10]
"For those of you who are unaware of what a EuroHowl is, it's a gathering of Weres and Furries from AHWw, ALF, WEREMail and other forums, held somewhere in Europe. The common theme is that of spiritual therianthropy, with the aim of enjoying the company of other like minded individuals for a relaxing week in the country. During the week there will be various walks though the countryside and other events with an animal theme. EuroHowl'99 is the third such event to be held in Europe, and are based on the AHWw Howls which were held in America." - Utlah. [11]


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