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Lone Wolf's Den is a Therian Resource based out of the UK Administrated by J. Raine (a.k.a Lone Wolf).

It contains articles[1] by various members of the Therian Community and links to various Therian related sites[2] services and webrings[3]. In addition it contained various articles aimed at helping new arrivals to the Therian Community[4] understand common customs and explained some terminology, as well as essays by various Therians.

Another item the site has to offer is first hand accounts of many UK and European Howls and Fur meets[5], and captioned photos taken at those events. Lone Wolf's Den did an excellent job of capturing what was happening in the European Were community in the early days.

The site stopped receiving updates abruptly as of August 11 2003 with no indication as to why from the sites creator. However, in spite of its disuse, the site does remain up until the present day with nearly 40,000 visits to date and contains information which maintains its place as a valuable community resource.

The site is available at the following URL:


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