Naia Ōkami (born 1994) is a British Columbia wolf and red fox therianthrope. They are the founder and current administrator of Kinmunity.


From a young age, Naia felt that they were "not human" on the inside. After watching the anime series Wolf's Rain at age twelve, they gained a fascination with wolves and as they read more about them and began to understand them, they began feeling as if they were "a wolf in a human body".

Naia first entered the online therian community through the now-defunct WereNet. They "didn't find werelist members to be the friendliest bunch" and ended up migrating to Werelist where they eventually became a docent staff member. In October of 2011, Naia founded the Wulf Howl otherkin community. Naia founded Kinmunity in December of 2014.

Television Appearances

In April, 2013, Ōkami was featured on LogoTV's documentary "What?!: I think I'm an Animal[1]. In the opening sequence of this documentary, Ōkami is seen stating "On all levels except physical, I am a wolf" and then barking at the water. Ōkami later stated that they were unhappy with the turnout of this documentary, calling it a "mockumentary" and stating that many parts were cut, manipulated, and coached.

In September, 2016, Ōkami was featured on the MTV's webseries "Owning it" in a short called "Otherkins' Special"[2].


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