Otherhearted symbol by aestherians Aug 12 2017

"The diamond heart!" Other-hearted symbol created by aestherians Aug 12, 2017.

Other-Hearted, also synonymous with Animal-Hearted, is when an individual strongly identifies with a species of creature. It's more than a fascination or like of the creature, like in the furry fandom, but not quite to the point of being something you identify as, like with a therian or otherkin. The creature you feel a connection with will replace the animal part of the phrase. For example, you identify strongly with dragons, you would be dragon-hearted.[1]

There is a thread on AHWW from January 15, 1997 in which someone who claimed to "ABSOULUTLY ADORE WEREWOLVES AND WOLVES" asked if they were "wolfhearted". [2] The exact terms other-hearted and animal-hearted seem to have come into more common use around 2014 or 2015. Some people may use the term Kith.

Other-hearted Symbol

Aestherians began developing the symbol in July 2017. [3] She had open discussion on Tumblr and the Therian Guide. [4] [5] On August 6, 2017, Aestherians opened a poll for other-hearted to vote on the symbol. [6] On August 12, 2017, she announced the winning symbol. [7]

"The diamond symbolizes the ‘other’ in our hearts and the circle was mainly added for aesthetic, since it looked pretty barren without." - Aestherians Oct 17, 2017 [8]

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