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A pack is a group of therians, otherkin, and/or vampires who all know each other and make a point to regularly communicate, in person or online.

The concept of "therian packs" and the "alpha/beta/omega model", is a popular game that young teenagers like to play on the Internet, that has no real relationship to therianthropy. The concept is extrapolated from the fact that wild wolves form family units that are called packs. However wild wolf packs do not have the strict social hierarchy typically associated with online therian packs. And there are many very human reasons why people might want to hang out in these groups, that typically serve as a kind of mutual support group.[1]

Packs as experienced by Wolf Therians

Some wolf therians feel the emotions that are associated with the tendency to stay in a pack in wild wolves. Internet therian packs usually seem like a group of people who understand these emotions and therefore these wolf therians sometimes end up associated with them. However the same wolf emotions can just as easily be applied to any other group that the person is emotionally involved with and does not require the strict status-based hierarchy associated with Internet therian packs.


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