Paleotherianthrope (Paleotherian) are Therians whose theriotype is an extinct animal. The term appears on Alt.Horror.Werewolves in a thread from 1997.[1]

Had a fairly odd musing re the "if all the humans shifted" thing...that being, the possibility some humans might have phenotypes of *extinct* animals...
For example, we hear of werewolves and werecats and such, but we never hear of, say, were-smilodonts...which makes not a hell of a lot of sense...I mean, were-sabertooths should exist, though not to the same levels...
The only "paleo-therianthrope" (for lack of a better term regarding therianthropes whose phenotypes are of extinct animals) are were-deinonychs (which is kind of neat, esp. since _Deinonychus_ is basically a very wolfy-acting protobird...imagine a flock of ground-birds with claws and teeth :)...why don't you ever hear of someone being, say, a were-tyrannosaur?
Then again, for all I know, many paleontologists could be were-dinos :)
The term can appear as "paleokin" in the otherkin community.

Often there are feelings of being out of place in time, or loneliness for one reason or another.

Examples include more recent extinct animals like the mammoths and machaeirodus to the most ancient like archaeopteryx, coelurus, and even ammonites.



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