Phytanthrope, (noun) someone that identifies as a plant in a human body. A plant soul in a human body. Someone that was a plant in a past life and still identifies as such in some way. Someone who psychologically has a strong identification with a species of plant. [1] Plantkin is also an acceptable term that actually came into use earlier that phytanthrope around 2004 in a Livejournal community. [2]

Comes from “phyto-” meaning plant and “-anthrope” meaning meaning human. 

It was a term I cobbled to together in in February 2013 for myself as a plant-identified person to use due to being tired of people saying otherkin are mythical creatures only even while plantkin being part of the otherkin community. [3] -Darahagh
The term wereplant was being used on AHWW in the early 1990's, and a few people were reported to have identified as plants back then. [4] In 2004 on the website Green Is More Than A Color the term “greenkin” was also used. [5]  In 2006 the term “woodkin” was coined on another Livejournal community, unfortunately this profile has been purged. [6]

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