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Pink Dolphin is a therian youtuber with (over) 5 thousand subscribers.

Their youtube channel is dedicated to education and discussion about therianthropy.

Pink Dolphin is also a member of Therian Guide. And can be found on several other (therian) platforms such as Therian Amino, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram (@CyberTherianPD) & Discord (PinkDolphin#0347). And is a previous kinmunity member.

They began work as a therian youtuber on 24 december 2016, being 16 years old. Under the name of "PD", which stands short for "PinkDolphin". Currently their upload list counts 250+ public videos.


Being inspired by the currently inactive Adrian Ashpaws & (retired) Lila Stratman aka Scoobie doo's Mom. Pinkdolphin strived, and still strives, for informative therian videos with a fun and light undertone.

One of PD's goals, is gaining interactivity with his watchers in multiple ways.

PD creates Informational & personal therian videos, therian music videos & VLOGS, therian meet-up videos, (Therian) unboxings and Photography & Art. You can also find Livestreams, recommended videos, Ferret (pet) videos. And several 'sped up' or 'behind the scene videos' such as video editing or interviews.

They try to cover a broad amount of Therian & Non-Therian topics.


Mid to end 2016, PD encountered the word 'Therian' after finding the News Reports on Teen Werewolves. However they reported having had Therianthropic Experiences as long as they can remember. Including, but not limited to, wishing to die and return as a swiss white shepherd dog at 11 years old or writing a journal note 'Secret: I'm part dog' at age 9 years old.

PD states that for the longest time he felt like something was 'wrong' with him, he was even convinced to be part werewolf, superhero or vampire as a child. Looking for an explaination for their animalistic experiences.

Pinkdolphin had a rough start with figuring his therianthropy out. while always knowing he was a dog, he pretended to be a wolf to get into a "therian pack". He started of with many misconceptions around meditation & past lifes as well as theriotype names etc.

23 january 2017, PD joined The Therian-Guide Forums. Only upon joining this, PD discovered truely about themselves and the community and allowed themselves to be true about who they were.

Since February 2018 they can also be found back on Therian Amino. And since 8 June 2018 on Instagram, however only to take the PD FanArt account over to a personal PD account from another admin at 13 November 2018.

Pinkdolphin is a psychological suntherian who identifies as a pink river dolphin, swiss white shepherd dog and Goldcrest. They have reported a constant state of a phantom tail experience.


PinkDolphin is a Belgian citizen, born in Malle, raised between the farms, fields and forests in Zoersel. Currently reported living in the captial: Brussels with their partner who goes by the online name Luca. Which possibly questions being a Lanner Falcon Therian.

They have an outstanding relation with their pet Ferret called 'Koda', which can be seen in their pictures.. videos and else.

PD is a young-adult who currently studies Film Editing at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema & Sound, And which completed Middleschool at Pierenbos and Highschool studies at Maris Stella Instituut and Talentenschool Turnhout.

It is told that they've endured a quiet challenging and hard past, which they talk in detail about in their 5K Draw My Life Video , with several months spend in psychiatric hospitals.

PD is found to engage in hobbies such as the Furry Fandom, Dungeons & Dragon, Yoga, Digital & Traditional Art, going on long nature walks and traveling. They also collect Care Bears with a passion.


Pink Dolphin's Youtube channel

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