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Pink Dolphin is a therian youtuber with (over) 4 thousand subscribers.

Their youtube channel is dedicated to education and discussion about therianthropy.

Pink Dolphin is also a member of Therian Guide. And can be found on several other (therian) platforms such as Therian Amino, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram & Discord. As well as kinmunity, but remains inactive there.

They started as a therian youtuber on 24 december 2016, being 16 years old. Under the name of "PD", which stands short for "PinkDolphin". Currently their upload list counts ~322 videos of which ~214 are public.


Being inspired by the currently inactive Adrian Ashpaws & (stopped) Lila Stratman aka Scoobie doo's Mom. Pinkdolphin strived, and still strives, for helpfull therian videos with a fun and light undertone.

One of PD's daily tasks, is gaining interactivity with his watchers in multiple ways.

PD creates Informational & personal therian videos, therian music videos & VLOGS, therian meet-up videos, (Therian) unboxings and Photography & Art. You can also find Livestreams, recommended videos, Ferret (pet) videos. And several 'sped up' or 'behind the scene videos' such as video editing or interviews.


Pinkdolphin themselves came a long way, discovering about therianthropy. while always knowing he was a dog, he pretended to be a wolf to get into a "therian pack". He started with many misconceptions around meditation & past lifes as well as theriotype names and much more. Only upon joining the Therian Guide forums, PD discovered a lot about themselves and the community and allowed themselves to be true about who they were.

Pinkdolphin is a psychological suntherian who identifies as a pink river dolphin, swiss white shepherd dog and Goldcrest. They have reported a constant state of a phantom tail.


Pink Dolphin's Youtube channel

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