Role Playing in terms of the Therian Community is generally frowned upon. This is due to the issues with people coming into the community with the misunderstanding that Therianthropy is some kind of role playing game or a form of LARP'ing.

RP'er is a term used to describe individuals who appear in the community and are seen to not be taking the concept of Theriantropy seriously. Things that generally result in one being labeled as a RP'er are claiming one can physically shift, claiming one is a "hunter" or simply not understanding the accepted concepts around the topic of therianthropy, and making claims that seem disingenuous.

It is important to note; some Therians do engage in Role Playing games or Larp's, however they make a distinction between what it is that makes them Therian which are spiritual or physiological, and the Role Playing activities which are not related to Therianthropy and are for Hobbie/Fun.

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