Suntherianthropy (Suntherianthrope or Suntherian) pronounced "soontherianthropy" was a term invented by WordWolf on April 18th, 2005. It was not a community coined term. Instead WordWolf created the term to describe his own personal experiences. The terms Syntherianthropy and Syntherian are interchangeable.

WordWolf defined a suntherian as

"a therian whose therioside (primary or sole therioside) is integrated into his baseline personality. However, that integration does not prevent him/her from having minor fluctuations of mood that feel slightly more animal, or slightly less animal. He/she can feel them both at the same time, human and animal. He/she can not mental shift into his/her base theriotype (whether primary or sole)." [1]
This is different from the accepted meaning of Contherian in that a contherian is always in a state between shifted and non-shifted. And many members of the community prefer to use the community coined term Vacillant Therianthropy instead. (Note that Vacillant Therians do have mental shifts.)

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  1. "Suntherian" Thread on Christian Therianthropy forum in which WordWolf coined and defined the term. April 18, 2005.
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