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As I'm going through Policies and links on various pages, it has come to my attention again that there are duplicates of "Help" and "Contribute" pages. There might even be more to find. The navigation under "Community" looks horrible right now. The titles of pages need to written all the same instead of underscores randomly in some of them. Hopefully there won't be much of a time gap before I can sort that out, if it's possible. Until then, I'm just linking all the pages under "Community" in the hopes that I don't lose them again and forget about this. 

Wolf Daughter (talk) 03:49, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

Updates coming soon

In light of the fact it would be impossible to list every species of animal on the planet, and that information on various animals is available other places, we have decided to discontinue the “bestiary” section of this wiki. The pages have at this time been removed. In place of the aforementioned section, we will be launching a new section called “words from the wise”. This new section will feature essays by reputable members of the Therian community throughout its history. More updates on this process will be made public as available. BaxWolf (talk) 02:38, December 26, 2016 (UTC)