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The Mountain Tooth Pack Symbol

The Mountain Tooth was a wolf therianthrope forum dedicated to people who are deeply into their therianthrope side. The pack advances quickly and supports all old and new members with information on shifting and what therianthropy is. The pack currently has a site that people can join, The Mountain Tooth Pack Site. It has currently closed and members have migrated to Therian Guide.

Creation Of The Pack

"The Mountain Tooth Pack was created around 2005; I don’t quite remember when it started. But the pack consisted of very little amounts of members, and they were local. It was good and then became a pack of two, which wasn't really a pack at all. Things fell apart. A very close pack member of mine became involved in other things... maybe not good things. She has moved on and has become someone else. But I will still remember her as a good pack mate and I will respect her for that. About two years after her leaving, I began to realize that I should no longer hide myself from other Therians and remain a loner. Although there are not many Therians in my area (Therians seem to be scattered around the world) I decided to recreate the pack. Now, people from around the world could represent and be involved with the pack. If you are born a Therian, inherited it, or show interest in it, feel free to join the pack. We are loyal and friendly people and surely will not judge you if you are not a Therian; we ask that you do the same for us. So welcome to the pack site, feel free to look around and please consider joining. My name is Euipoi, Alpha female of Mountain Tooth. I have created this wonderful site for Therians to discover this wonderful pack and join or become affiliated. Please give a great thanks to Oskenso for hosting the website." -Euipoi

Can I Join?


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