Note: The forum in this article is no longer active, and has been reincarnated at Therian Forest.

The Therianthropy Tree was a forum for therians and otherkin. Started by Sekkada (later known as Thylae) on July 7, 2007, the community had a slow start, but soon became quite active. Topics range from Therianthropy, to Totems and Daemons, to Otherkin, and to other spiritual matters.

The community was also one of the first, if not the first therian community to have held an election to determine the moderators. In this election, the members nominated two people: RedFeather and Equinuus-Felinity. The administrator, Sekkada, eventually nominated two other members, Nousagi and Torahanjyuu. A poll was held from January 9, 2008 to January 17, 2008, when the two winners of the election (Nousagi with 5 votes, and RedFeather with 4) were announced.

In late 2008, the admin (then known as Thylae) left the therian community in a jaded rage, leaving the forum with no administrator. For months after, the members of the forum continued to post, though activity slowly lessened until Spring of 2009 when SherlawkDragon and RedFeather decided to move the forum to a new location, which became the Therian Forest.

Admin: Sekkada
Mods: Nousagi, RedFeather

The Therianthropy Tree (no longer active)

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