Therians' Campfire Mailing List was set up as an initiative on the 20th November 1999 by Razza Wolf and Northfox Frostfur from the #europe channel on the old IRC server, along with Bear X, the server's administrator, with the intention of bringing together the Worldwide Were community in much the same way as AHWW used to.[1]

It was announced to AHWW on 12th December, 1999.[2]

It was intended to be a completely open mailing list, meaning that anyone could join, provided they feel they might learn something form the group and were respectful of the user guidelines.

Posting frequency varied a fair amount, with sometimes a large amount of activity and at other times, nothing for days at a time.

The list was last Administrated by Razza Wolf, despite initial success activity on the mailing list dwindled as internet discussion forums became more prominent. The final post to the mailing list in it's original home was on 28th May 2003, the list was then moved to WereNet, and after extended inactivity Therians Campfire ceased operation sometime around 2004. For a time some archives remained and the related website "" remained up, however these resources are since defunct.

However, an archived version of "" can still be found on The Wayback Machine and more can be learned about the resource by reading the FAQ Section Linked Below.


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