Therian is an IRC channel, run by SherlawkDragon, for therians, otherkin, vampires, etc. The channel is currently on

Therian was origionaly hosted on, but in July 2008, Sherlawk made a deal with founder, TerrorWolf to move the channel to the weresource server, the reasons given being:

  1. Weresource is a therian themed project, new at the time, the hope was that the projects could attract members for each other.
  2. On the Weresource Server, there could be more control over the channel and the way it was run, as the server is private.
  3. Terror offered hosting for a channel website, with full PHP capabilities.
  4. Being on a Therian/Otherkin-Themed server will mean that there are more related channels on the same server.
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