Therian Guide Radio is a feature of the Therian Guide site. It plays music suggested by other therians on the Therian Guide forums (over 500 pieces of therianthropy themed music or music enjoyed by therians).[1]

Live radio

To tune in you have to register on the forums, which gives you access to the Discord where the radio is played in a voice room. Joining the voice room will automatically bring the radio online and the music will play by itself and does not have to be requested.[2]

Songs do not repeat for several days, though recently added songs are played more often.

On-demand service

The radio plays music and other suggestions from Youtube links posted to a thread on Therian Guide forums. When you have access to the forums you can visit this forum and listen to the individual songs on-demand.

Therian Guide Radio Show

Therian Guide Radio also features a talk show called "Therian Talks". It is a bi-weekly podcast answering questions about therianthropy asked in the Therian Guide forums. It is published on Youtube and SoundCloud.[3][4]

The talk show is not currently broadcasted on the radio, but this feature is planned.



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