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Therian Timeline is a website by Wolf VanZandt, in which he presents results of his research into Therianthropy and it's history and details his theories about Therianthropy. One such theory is that it may be hereditarilly influenced, and has physical characteristics. This is a somewhat radical position.

He also makes the claim that Therians (specifically were-wolves) used to be respected members of the Christian Church, sometimes called "the Dogs of God" or "St. Peter's Wolves"

Citation issues

While a few things that VanZandt claims seem plausible, he does not provide sufficient evidence. When asked where he got his info from, he says it's from obscure texts he found in a university library. However, some people are still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as they consider him to be a somewhat respected member of the Therian Community.(citation needed)

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