The Therianthropy Wiki is an attempt to create am open resource on Modern Therianthropy that includes as much historic information about the identity phenomenon and the online community as possible.

History of the Therian Wiki

The Therian Wiki was created in May 2009 by Sherlawk Dragon, a racoon and dragon Therian. He created the Wiki in order to explore his own therianthropy and create a resource on Therianthropy that anyone could view and edit. The Wiki included a Bestiary of common theriotypes and kintypes along with information about Otherkin, Vampires, Magic, Occult, Furry Fandom and Furries, Religions, and more.

As of January 20, 2013, Sherlawk Dragon ceased to edit or moderate the Wiki. This resulted in trolls adding misleading information and disrespectful pages to the Wiki. Dozens of pages which advertised cults, teaching physical shifting, and packs were created in the absence of administration. The inaccurate information that dominated the Wiki possibly lead to Therianthropy being associated with beliefs and behavior that is actually not condoned by the majority of the community.

New Management

On December 19, 2016, Wolf Daughter placed an adoption request for the Wiki, and on December 24, 2016, she was granted bureaucratic and administration status. Wolf Daughter granted the same status to BaxWolf who had been diligently helping her edit the Wiki in the weeks prior to the adoption. Together, they began to update information and transition the Wiki to be a Therianthropy specific resource. They hoped that putting the wiki back into the control of Therians and the Therian community would begin to improve the community and the public's perception of Therianthropes.

Therian Wiki Icon

The Icon and Favicon were added by Wolf Daughter on July 31, 2017. Read more about the concept here and see a larger version here.

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