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This is now a defunct website. It had come online around May 2012. The last archived date is March 2015.

THETA sought to be a resource for non-human identified people (therianthropes, otherkin, and similar groups) who were seeking therapy (for identity reasons or any other reason), and looking for information to make their therapy experience a better one. THETA's goal was to have resources for people who wish to educate their therapists about non-human identity, and a resource for therapists to learn more about non-human identity.

It was also a place where non-human identified people could share their experiences with therapy. People were encouraged to leave reviews about therapists and doctors.

THETA was primarily started by an Swan Therianthrope named Swanblood. She may have had help from Orca, who coded the site. [1] [2]


The site featured a page titled "Research" which featured "professional literature and studies that have been done on non-human identifying communities." [3] The works listed on the page are still relevant to the Therianthropy community and are often cited.

For Therapists

Covered topics included:[4]

  • What is “therianthropy”? What is “non-human identity”?
  • You are physically human. What makes you identify as non-human?
  • Why would therianthropes and otherkin seek therapy?


Please visit the following links to see copies of the materials that had previously been available for download through THETA.

Brochure - What If I Don't Feel Human?

(side 1)

(side 2)

A Proposed Diagnostic Definition of Species Dysphoria

Therapist's Guide to Therians and Therianthropy - (The original has been edited by Slavasesh & Digimbyte for grammar, formatting, and to include additional information.)

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