About Me

I enjoy the nature center outside of the town I live in. I am a martial artist. I enjoy drawing and writing. I have a A.S. Degree in graphic design and animation. My favorite T.V. shows are Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eastwick, Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Dark Angel, Family Guy, and Futurama. I am not very religious but enjoy religious/spiritual debate. I also enjoy politics.

General Info

Name: Sagehawk/Suen
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota, USA
Theriotype: Leopard

Personal Therianthorpy

Hello. I'm known as Suen with in the therian and vampire communities. Pagan community will know me mostly as Sagehawk. I've know about my therianthropy since about June of 2008. It did take me a while to pin point my theriotype, that I have only discovered with in the past couple of months. I am leopard. I did think I was canine for quite some time as oddly enough, dogs and cats are actually quite similar! Forget all the stereotypes folks!

Shifts I experience:

  • M-shift(mental shift)
  • Ph-shift(phantom shift)
  • Dream Shift
  • Cameo Shift
  • Sensory Shift
M-shifts are the ones I experience the most I'd say. I'm almost always in this state. I'll snap your head off just for being in my space(and in my space I mean my house, yard, work space any where I deem mine pretty much LOL). Feeling territorial invasion is quite an annoying thing and hard to ignore. Other wise I'm very quiet and content just doing my own thing. My most intense ones are during sex or just time with my partner in general can trigger really strong ones. Also being around lots of people, or being in nature. I also feel as if I'm always in this state because I have a hard time understanding a lot of human concepts.
Phantom shifts are probably the type of shift I have second most often. I experience eyes(yes eyes!!!!), fur, paws, and teeth the most. I have only had a full body once. I'm not sure what triggers these, I'll just be doing something... and well... I wont have a hand anymore O.O usually I'll be in a m-shift when i have them. So maybe thats the trigger ^.^
Cameos are next in line for frequency... They get so crazy I will phantom shift in to other humans. I havent really asked any other therian if they have experience this before but I do.(along with other animals of course.
Sensory and dream shifts are the least experienced all though they do happen. About once every month or two. Dreams are mostly half human half animal. Sensory are usually sensitivity to light and sounds. I hate it when people honk thier car horns!
I also identify as an elemental psi vampire. I have my personal experience with this in my profile here Vampire Forum Of Darkness

I'm also a member of:

Alternate Contact Info

YIM: firestarter372005

If you have any questions for me I will be more than willing to answer them. Just thought I'd put basics here.

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