Wolf Daughter

aka Ulfrvif

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Ontario
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer

Identity: Wolf Therianthrope (human and wolf) Sex: Female Age: 29 as of 2016 Current Location: Ontario, Canada Current Occupation: Graphic Designer Education: BFA in Graphic Design and Painting, 2010 Previous Work Experience: Graphic Designer Assistant, Silk-Screen Printer, Customer Service Hobbies: hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, drawing and painting, reading and writing, photography, HEMA (longsword), and more.

Married to another Wolf Therianthrope for 6 years. Pagan and also learning Shamanism.

Other names: Ulfrvif (translation from Old Norse to English: ulfr-wolf, vif-woman/wife)

Began awakening to my Therian identity at the age of 13-14 in 1999/2000. So I have been aware of therianthropy for 16-17 years.

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