Suggested Updates:

I am recommending creation of new category systems to make navigation of the wiki more user friendly. Articles should be grouped to related themes, and a navigation tree should be made available on main page to aid in finding information regarding specific topics relating to Therianthropy.

I also am recommending the deletion of articles that do not bear specific significance to Therianthropy or the Therian community in a clearly evident way. This would constitute a streamlining of the wiki with the goal of making it more Therianthropy specific; including information on the formation of the community, historical resources, origins of terms, significant discussions throughout history of the community, historical gatherings including photo/video captured at those events, historical accounts of trolling on the Therian community. All of these items should bear specific references obtained from tenably legitimate community sources and records.

In addition I would like to advocate for the recruiting of reputable members of our community (perhaps those who do not currently have other projects or resources on the go, but who are agreeably knowledgeable and objective on the topic of Therianthropy) to administrate this wiki in the future.

Lastly I would suggest some policy changes and the locking of pages, as well as the creation of a functioning forum, where topics such as “suggested additions” and “suggested edits” might be discussed to avoid much of the vandalism that has persisted here. Therianthropy can be a highly detested notion to a large cross-section of the general population. The idea of a 100% editable wiki is nice in theory, however in practice it has lead to various abuses of the wiki. I think some better enforced guidelines and a focus on well sourced community generated information would do a world of good here.

Thanks for taking the time to read, keep on rockin' in the free world,BaxWolf (talk) 03:24, December 19, 2016 (UTC)

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