I would like to make it known that I have submitted an adoption request for this Wiki. The previous administration has been inactive for almost three years. During this time, the Wiki has become filled with inaccurate and misleading information. It will be a monumental task to clean it up, but I would like to take on the challenge. The current state of this Wiki has been part of the decline of our community across the internet. That needs to change. This Wiki ranks high on Google searches, and I want this to be a place where newly awakened Therians and the curious public can find accurate and respectful information about us. 

While I have not been an active member of this Wiki for very long, I have identified as a Therian for 16-17 years. I have been active on reputable forums for most of that time. I also started Therian Nation, a project that creates educational videos which are hosted on Youtube. This project was started seven months ago and is still ongoing. During these months, I have been thoroughly educating myself and learning about the community's history. Sadly, most of that history is abscent from this wiki. Also during the past months, I have fostered a new found love for our community and the people within it. I seek to serve the community to the best of my ability. As a major part of serving the Therianthrope community, I hope that I am granted beuracratic and adminstrative status so that I can volunteer my time to improving the Therianthropy Wiki. 

Please reply with whether you support or disagree with my adoption of the Therian Wiki.

Thank you. Wolf Daughter (talk) 04:15, December 19, 2016 (UTC)

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