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"For Weres, By Weres"

WereNet Web was originally set up for WereArtist's only, but since we've grown into a page provider, we'd still like to have a separate section for a list of the Visual Artists of WereNet." [1] This informational website was started by Jakkal in 1999. The website was available until 2005.

"WereNet is one of many sources for "Awereness" and Therianthropy related material that can be found on the 'net. We however are striving to make one of the largest archives of information available.  Be it in the form of actual content or links to other websites, we hope to fulfill all your werecreature related interests.  Come and see what all WereNet has to offer the wandering therianthrope, the whimsical artist, or the addicted IRCer.  Your search for Information is never over!  But it can start here!" [2]

The look of the website changed in 2001. Tagline changed to "Lore of the Animal Spirit". (Screenshots required) [3]

"7.26.2002 -- is under new management! Keep your eyes peeled for dynamic new features, updated and expanded content, and a whole new layout!" The new admin was kodekitten. [4]

In March of 2003, the site encountered problems with certain members abusing the usage of bandwidth. An upgrade was planned. [5]

Archives show that in August of 2004, the WereNet had undergone many changes. A forum was available. [6]

From Wednesday, 27 October 2004 to April 2005, no updates were made to the main page. On Saturday, 30 April 2005 an update included included a link to [7]

Between October 2005 and November of 2005, the Werenet went down for unknown reasons.


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