A social networking website that originated around 2008 and was originally created by Magus Fenrir as part of an organization known as the Therian Temple. In February, 2010 the site was mysteriously deleted at which point a Therian named Raven rebuilt it and ran it. The concept of Therian Temple has been almost completely disregarded by the Therian community and was no longer a part of the website.


WereSpace allowed members to create profiles similar to Myspace and other social networks, as well as chat with other online members, post in forums, and participate in live streams and discussions on UStream. WereSpace also featured a "like" button for photos, videos, etc that were added by members. Members could also create "groups" on the website and post events for others to RSVP for.

WereSpace appears to have become defunct as of 2014. The last available archive date is June 23, 2014. [1]


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