The Werecard is an old personal profile from Alt.Horror.WereWolves. [1] First used in 1994.

Also considered a short questionnaire that allows individuals to share information about themselves with the larger community. Anyone could use the template and answer what they felt comfortable sharing with the community. When the Were card was developed, Therians were mostly of adult age and many notions of online security were more lax. Today, it is not advisable for younger Therians to provide personal information such as their given name or location.

In the Spring of 1995, the existing werecards were collected into a printed 'zine by Vladwolf (artwork), WolfShadow (editing), and BearX (publishing) and distributed to members of the community at the time.

Blank Werecard

Human Name:
Were Name:
Email Address:
Shifting Ability:
Home Territory:
Dream Territory:
Physical Description, Human:
Physical Description, Were:
Human Career:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Were-movie:
Favorite Literature:
Favorite Were Literature:
Favorite Art:
Favorite Were-art:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Were Saying/Quote:
Favorite Personal Quote:
Favorite Song/Band(s):
Favorite Season:
Favorite Holidays:
Preferred Prey:
Hunting Tips:
Preferred Method of Attack:
Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast:
Feelings Toward Vampires:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:
Personal Therianthropy: (This is probably the most important part of the card. What we're after here is a few paragraphs explaining what your Therianthropy means to you, how it fits into and affects your life, your goals, etc. Tell us about your first transformation / realization of your were nature. Describe the Therianthropy myth as you see it. And so on...)