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Weresource is a user content feeded website founded in late 2008 by TerrorWolf which features IRC chat (, forums, and a listing of members. One he site's main feature is it's serrious therianthropic discussions, or STDC. These used to occur on a regular basis but have been on a decline.

Members can be searched for currently via theriotype, location, 'near you', and what they are looking for (friends, relationship, etc). Users can also browse statistical information about all registered users such as gender, theriotypes and shifting type breakdowns.

Since late 2011 the site has been going under renovations which are currently unfinished. Along with the new design, there has been a revival in the STDC.

Weresource and Therian.Wikia had made deals between each other, in which Weresource links Therian.Wikias articles and Therian.Wikia links back to Weresource.

STDC Log January 25 2009 -

STDC Log February 8 2009 -

STDC Log March 8 2009 -

STDC Log March 22 2009 -

STDC Log March 28 2009 -

STDC Log May 10 2009 -

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