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Wolf VanZandt (Payton Wolf Bailey VanZandt) is openly a Were/Therian and is now retired from working as a vocational evaluator. In the community, he is a Greymuzzle and is well known Were-Wolf for his somewhat radical, yet sometimes interesting ideas which he conveys on his website, Therian Timeline. He is also vocally a Christian.

In February of 2018, VanZandt added "Guide for Professionals Working with Therians" to his website. The document was designed to introduce Therianthropy to doctors, therapists, lawyers, etc. who may have Therianthropes as clients. The document goes over several studies already written on Therianthropes and provides suggestions on how professionals can best serve and help them as clients.

"It is important that professionals not assume that therianthropy is the cause of their therian clients' problems and realize the positive dimensions of therianthropy in their lives."[1]
Wolf VanZandt has been interviewed many times about Werewolves and the Therianthrope subculture. An interview with him appears in "Creatures of the Night" authored by Gregory Reece in 2012. He was also interviewed for the online Vampire magazine,

From 1993 to 2013, Wolf VanZandt helped host the Southeast Howls, which brought together Therians from many of the Southern States. 

"I doubt if anyone even associates me with Citizens Against Violence, the Dallas County Department of Human Resources, or the Montgomery/Selma/Prattville chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association any more, but I was a founder in the first and last and the pivotal chairperson in the DHR Quality Assurance Team. There might be some info still on the Internet. I haven't checked in awhile, but I don't try to be a historical figure; I just try to make positive change in the background." - Wolf VanZandt
Wolf VanZant is still active in the community, online and in real life, and can be found participating on many forums.


The Therian Timeline -


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